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4Play (November 19, 2008) 

The Electorate
by Adriel

DJ Godfather is one of the founding fathers of Ghetto Tech. He started DJing at the age of 15 with the help of friend and future business partner, DJ Dick. Within a few months, Godfather was already spinning in nightclubs and after-hour parties all over The D. He started producing at the age of 17 for his first group, Bass Association. Singles off the Bass Association album got airplay on three Detroit radio stations, leading Godfather to make his first solo record entitled Work Dat. Taking his turntablism skills and mixing Detroit Techno with Miami Bass music, a new sound was born: Ghetto Tech. With the formation of their new record label, Twilight 76 (with partners DJ Dick and Brian Gillespie), he took his talent and turned it into a business, creating labels Databass Records, D.E.T. Only and Juke Trax. With all four record labels combined, Godfather and his partners have released over 130 vinyl and mix-CD releases, selling over 500,000 units worldwide.

Godfather was also the first DJ to release on the Serato digital mix CD series. Along with his partners, Godfather created Electrobounce.com, an online music store.

Bounce to him this Saturday at Oslo.  | RDW

The Zone
by Origix

Ajax, a Purple Hash Productions artist, has been building a fan base far beyond Detroit’s underground. From Albuquerque to Connecticut, he's been touring and gaining the respect of fans across the USA. “If I had to label my style, it would be alternative hip-hop. I make real music about my lifestyle, the lifestyles around me and my ideas about life,” Ajax explains. Ajax stays on the road and in the studio promoting the message of freedom and unity by way of his positive rhyme scheme.  

At 22-years-old (recording since age 14), Ajax has gained a lot of experience and wisdom. “I feel like I improve greatly on every album, skill-wise," says the rapper, "and [I improve] all the little things that are going to make me as great as I can be.”

Ajax is shooting for a summer release date for his new album, Mainstream Pollution-Chapter 2. Until then, don’t miss his live show where he and the Purple Hash Crew smoke hookahs and throw out free rolling papers! Visit purplehash.com and myspace.com/ajax.  | RDW

The Zone Radio with Origix & DC airs Saturdays 8 p.m.-12 a.m. on 89.3 fm; streaming live on whfr.fm. Visit myspace.com/thezoneradio & 2Raw4fm.com for more info.

Deep Cutz
by Jeff Milo

It’s getting to that point where I start feeling baffled at how fast the year’s flown by — and that leads me to attempt grandiose summations of what it’s all meant so far — but I’d rather just relax and go to more shows and see even more new bands. This year’s seen the arrival of the mystifying Electric Fire Babies (pictured). It’s been an impressive and potent year for the EFBs. The trio blends classic, raw, '80s house with flamboyant funk and dance-pop soaked in soul and rap with a showy and striking live show. Since March, they debuted at the Blowout, opened for the Gore Gore Girls, played the Ferndale DIY Street Fair with The Hard Lessons, performed live on WDET and are now opening for the Dirtbombs on November 21 at the Blind Pig. All this, and just under ten shows, Lo-Fi-Bri (guitar/vocals/electronics), Miss N. (vocals/drums) and Justin Audio (guitar/vocals/drums) are ready to start performing (more!) and recording to make 2009 twice as nice. Myspace.com/electricfirebabies.

Pewter Cub, another band that really started rolling this year, brings electro-leaning roughed-up indie-pop and play the Belmont on 11/28. Make a weekend out of it! SSM play the next day.  | RDW

Motor City’s Burning
by Eric Allen | photo by Rob Karlic

Human Eye is amazing, both live and in the studio. Sure, some say one might tend to outdo the other. This especially holds true when word makes it back to Detroit that Timmy Vulgar was doing shots of his own vomit out in San Francisco a few weeks ago on the band's West Coast tour. Honestly though, the band’s latest album, Fragments of the Universe Nurse, stands its own, as there's enough weird stuff on that wax to cover the band’s live shows for the next 300 years. Fragments is a brilliant cacophony of glammed-out prog and jazz and is leading in the race for Motor City’s Burning album of the year award.

Lucky for me (and you), Human Eye will perform down in Hamtown at the Painted Lady next Wednesday. Instead of focusing on any antics or shenanigans going on, I want you — this time — to focus on the band's sound and the grooves they get into. This band is so tight live. Listen to “Hurricane” Hafer on drums going off like Moon on speed and Brad Hales' perfect bass playing. Eat up the wonky alien synth of Johnny Lzr and Timmy's wild riffing. Push aside the tubes, paint and seafood and you will find one of the world’s best bands right in your own backyard.  | RDW

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