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4Play (December 31, 2008) 

The Electorate
by Adriel Fantastique!

Disco-filtered house music is the sound that fans of DJ Sneak have come to love. Born in Puerto Rico as Carlos Sosa, Sneak was inspired early on by salsa, meringue and Latin orchestral sounds. After moving to Chicago, the burgeoning house underground captured his ear and imprinted itself in his soul. He began working as a mobile DJ and on the nightclub circuit, but his first accomplishments were as a producer. He started his own label, Defiant, and began producing music. A chance meeting at Gramophone with Cajmere (Green Velvet) led to the release of three DJ Sneak tracks. The exposure and acclaim from being on Cajual/Relief kick-started his global career. In the mid-‘90s, Sneak’s signature sound began to define Chicago house. Inspiring other producers like Daft Punk, Basement Jaxx and Armand Van Helden, his sound became a blueprint for funky-disco-filtered soul.

With his signature sound and DJ skills, Sneak has amassed a huge fan base. He's known the world over, playing venues and events like Homelands, Creamfields, Ministry of Sound and Manumission. He continues to be recognized as one of the world’s top DJs. Catch Sneak at Oslo, New Year’s Eve (tonight!).  | RDW

The Zone
by Origix

In 2008, Michigan once again made a huge statement to the world, providing more proof that Detroit is indeed a hip-hop mecca in the music industry. Now I could have listed many more albums ...  all in no particular order ... but here are my Top 15 for the year. Don't fill up that iPOd, '09 is lookin' fresh already!

Guilty Simpson — Ode to the Ghetto
Fatt Father — You are the Father
Elzhi — The Preface
Buff 1 — There’s Only One
Quest M.C.O.D.Y. — The Light Project
Black Milk — Tronic  
D.Allie — The Cooperative
Fat Ray — The Set Up
Asylum 7 & Eddie Logix — Lights Out ...
Illite — Creme’ de la Crème
Street Justice — Out 4 Just Us
Royce da  5' 9" — Bar Exam 2
Danny Brown w/Nick Speed — Hot Soup
Past Due — Career
Top Villanz — Prime Time

The Zone Radio with Origix & DC airs Saturdays,  8 p.m. to 12 a.m. on 89.3 FM; stream at whfr.fm and visit myspace.com/thezoneradio & 2Raw4fm.com.

Deep Cutz
by Jeff Milo

Random thoughts from the befuddling and invigorating year of 2008:

  1. Detroit, the energy remains, so start appreciating it.
  2. Music blogs … yes, there’s a ludicrous amount of local sites out there monitoring Detroit’s music scene — even a blog that monitors other Detroit blogs — but that’s a direct result of a healthy scene.
  3. My unexpanded-upon top-ten list of local releases: The Silent Years — The Globe; Child Bite — Fantastic Gusts of Blood; Prussia — Dear Emily, Best Wishes, Molly; Oscillating Fan Club — Feverish Dreams as Told By …; Terrible Twos — Terrible Twos; Oblisk — Tune In/Tune Out; Mason Proper — Olly Oxen Free; Javelins — Heavy Meadows; The Dirtbombs — We Have You Surrounded; Alan Scheurman — Old Patterns.
  4. Jarrod Champion Sleeps Till Dusk (pictured) plays Saturday (1/3) at the Northern Lights Lounge with Ethos and The Fifty. Stylized folk balladry, nocturnal narratives and closing time croons, burn with the romanticism of Jeff Buckley. This tight-knit quintet burns classy, brooding blues.
  5. Thanks for reading (Real Detroit and Deep Cutz) 6.) It’s a new year, I’m glad to be here …  | RDW

Motor City’s Burning
by Eric Allen

2008 has been one hell of a year. We’ve seen legends reunite (Trash Brats), we’ve seen the local scene prosper (X! Records) and we've heard a lot of great new music (The Readies, Gardens). Topping it in 2009 will be hard, but we can do it. Here's a list of my top punk records, both nationally and locally:
Top National Punk Records:

LiveFastDie — Shit Amplified/By The Time
Nodzzz — Nodzzz
Gentleman Jesse & His Men — Gentleman Jesse & His Men
Top Five Local Punk Records
Frustrations — Glowing Red Pill
Terrible Twos — Terrible Twos
Human Eye — Fragments ...
Druid Perfume — Druid Perfume
Bill Bondsmen — Swallowed by the World

For a chance to check out Druid Perfume [pictured], Human Eye and Gardens, head over to the Magic Stick tonight (12/31) and watch the ball drop with some of Detroit’s best bands. It’s going to be a fantastic show filled with tons of punk rock mayhem, drinking of "the champagne of beers" and, if we know Timmy Vulgar, tons of paint and other weird shit.  | RDW

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